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Privacy Policy for The Yorkminstrels Corporation

Your privacy is very important to us, The Yorkminstrels. We will protect and preserve any personal information you divulge to us, as detailed below. This policy is effective immediately.

We will ensure that all our directors, officers, volunteers, and paid production personnel are familiar with the procedures to be followed in order to protect personal information.

We will periodically review our policies, procedures, and practices, along with the security measures that have been implemented, to ensure that they are being adequately applied and that they remain appropriate and effective. Should any be necessary, they will be posted here, and we will include a note on our main page that changes have been made, with a link to this policy page.

Membership List

We collect and maintain details of each person who becomes a member of The Yorkminstrels, including name, address, phone numbers, email address and year first joined. We will never sell, share or divulge such information to anyone else, except when required by law. Membership lists are available to members only. We may occasionally send email messages to addresses provided by members. We may also occasionally call numbers provided.

Promotional Mailing List

We maintain a mailing list so that we can send out publicity materials promoting The Yorkminstrels and our upcoming productions or events. The information for the list is collected from programme book inserts or forms on our web site, from our membership list, or through the ticket purchase process. We do not buy such information from other parties, nor will we ever sell or lend our list. You can be removed from this list at any time by sending us an email or written request asking us to do so. Please let us know if you move so we can update your entry.

Periodically, we will remove entries on this list for people who have not purchased tickets within a certain time period.

We may need to disclose information without prior consent when using an outside company to process the information, such as to facilitate the mailing of our publicity material. When we do so, we will select the company carefully and confirm that it uses security standards comparable to those of The Yorkminstrels.

Our main use of this list is to send out materials through postal mail. However, we may send out email messages or call people on the list when postal mailings would not be efficient or timely.

Ticket Purchasing Information

Any information collected as part of the ticket purchasing process is kept in our ticketing software system. This system also holds the entries for our promotional mailing list. For orders, financial information such as credit card numbers is encrypted and cannot be used after the sale has been processed. The system data is backed up on a regular basis. The computer holding the system, and backup media, are kept secure. Old media are destroyed when no longer needed. Paper source material for orders is destroyed after the production is over and figures have been reconciled.

Email Groups

If you wish to receive information from us via email, you can join any email groups we administer through the Groups service of Yahoo! ( You may join the group(s) on their site or through links from our site. You are in charge of your inclusion in any of these groups, and can remove your entry from their site at any time. If your email address changes, you must remove the old one and join the group(s) again with your new address, all done from the Yahoo! site. Any information gathered by Yahoo! for the purposes of joining such groups is covered by their privacy policies. We will not sell or lend any information that we may have access to, including the list of members of groups we may administer. We are moderators of our group(s), and control what gets posted, so you should not receive messages from anyone else as a result of your inclusion in the groups.

The email messages we send out announce changes made to our web site, or include other time- sensitive information like audition notices, etc.

Browser Cookies

Cookies are small text files created and read by the web browser you use, on direction from web sites you visit. We will use cookies to assist in your use of our web site, only as long as you are visiting the site. For example, when you visit our main page we may detect what browser you are using, set a cookie with this information, and read the cookie from any other page on our site to adjust the display for your browser. Such a cookie would expire after a short time, and would be re-created when you return to our site. No personal information will be kept in the cookies.

Resolving Your Concerns is Important to Us

The Yorkminstrels are committed to treating you with the greatest respect and consideration, and providing the highest level of service. Even so, from time to time, something may go wrong. There may be a misunderstanding, or you may feel you have been dealt with unjustly. Resolving the problem is our primary concern, whatever the circumstances. Yorkminstrels members or customers who are not completely satisfied with, or wish to submit comments concerning, this policy or its application by The Yorkminstrels may convey their concerns and suggestions by writing to

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